Ms. Bjørg Sandkjæ, Secretary of State for Norway discusses Access, Assistive Tech, Innovation and Development

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Ms. Bjørg Sandkjæ, Secretary of State for Norway discusses the importance of the rights for people with disabilities, and how the Norwegian Government support assess to Assistive Technology through partnership such as Global Disability Innovation Hub’s Innovate Now accelerator; Africa’s First Assistive Tech Accelerator.

The intersection of entrepreneurship and assistive technology (AT) creates a new paradigm for sustainable impact. Not only does it create jobs but in a promising way leads to the inclusion and empowerment of of persons with disabilities through meaningful participation at all levels. This conversation between our partners IKT-Norge and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Norway explores how Norway’s commitment and focus on assistive technology is creating a new momentum and possibilities for scaled-up impact across Africa. We thank Norad – Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation for backing our mission to increase access to AT and investment for AT Startups in Africa.

Ms. Bjørg Sandkjæ shares why development and innovation is vital for Assistive Technology access – and how the Norwegian Government and Norad are working with global partners to supporting both the ability of disabled people to participate in work, education and social life, and simultaneously drive long term systemic change, including the importance of private capital.