Meet the founders

Lincoln Wamae is shown sitting on one of his custom made wheelchairs.

Lincoln Wamae, CEO Linccell Technology

“Innovate Now has helped us improve our wheelchair production and standards. I value the after-program support and networks that is helping Linccell Technology grow.”

Carolyne Makena, Co-founder Riziki Source

“Our product and shortlisting process has really improved through the support we received in the Innovate Now Live Labs. Our user-base has grown to more than 1000 and 40 partners have joined our mission to get jobs to persons with disabilities.”

veezaviz founder image

Elly Savatia, CEO Veezaviz

“Live Labs was the most valuable part of our participation at Innovate Now. It really helped us get feedback that has shaped our product development and user experience.”

Sylvia Nyaga, CEO Syna Consultancy

“During the accelerator program we developed our first MVP and got one-on-one interactions with our users during live-labs which enable us to be ready for market entry.”