Innovate Assistive Technology Now.
Innovate Assistive Technology Now.
Innovate Assistive Technology Now.

Innovate Assistive Technology Now.

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Demo Day

14th June

Inclusive Innovation Network Launch

1st September


We are Africa’s first Assistive Technology Accelerator and host startups for 3-6 months. Our free accelerator model combines mentorship, workshops, guest lectures and hands on disability expertise to help our startups reach product-market fit and become investable and scale ready. We use our innovative active learning model and Live labs to provide the best possible support for founders by helping them overcome barriers to scaling AT.

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Active learning

A programme of learning centred around user, market, product and business development

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Hands on mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs, product developers and disability experts

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Live labs

Clinical partners who can help you understand, validate and test your AT products and services with disabled individuals

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Entrepreneur firesides and keynotes expose you to the realities of entrepreneurship and success stories

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Demo day

An opportunity to pitch your product or service to a panel of judges and an audience of investors, entrepreneurs and leaders in AT

Why AT?

The 2011 World Report on Disability estimated that there are approximately one billion disabled people in the world. 80% of those disabled people live in the global South [1]. We will all have impairments at some point in our lives and WHO estimate that by 2050 up to two billion of us will need access to Assistive Technology [2]. So, disability Innovations isn’t a niche issue, and AT is not a specialist need, it affects all of our families, everywhere – and there are considerable issues to address, especially where resources are tighter.

[1] Braithwaite, J., Mont, D., 2009. Disability and poverty: A survey of World Bank Poverty Assessments and implications.
[2] WHO | Priority Assistive Products List (APL),” WHO.

Our Partners

Innovate Now is part of the Spark Innovation Sub-program of AT2030-Life Changing Assistive Technology for All, a £20 million UK aid funded programme led by the Global Disability Innovation Hub.

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