Meet the Innovate Now startups and find out more about the ideas, products and businesses that are being supported as we look to accelerate locally relevant AT solutions in Africa.

Cohort 1: Developing AT hardware & software

LincCell Logo

Linccell technology | Kenya

Linccell Technologies built Kenya's and Africa's first locally manufactured electric wheelchair from recycled parts with long-range lithium-ion batteries. The company also offers repair, maintenance,and after-sales support. The wheelchairs are built and tested for in-door and outdoor use on rough terrain.

TotSci Logo

Totosci | Kenya

Totosci holdings limited manufactures assistive devices using technologies such as Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence, and assistive software developments. Products include AlexCane, an assistive device that increases the mobility of people who are visually impaired. AlexCane detects both static and moving objects for visually impaired people reducing anxiety and increasing productivity, independence and mobility.

Hope Tech plus logo

Hope Tech Plus | Kenya

Hope Tech’s Sixth Sense device uses echolocation and sonar, same as is used by bats and dolphins in object detection and applying modern concepts in IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning and Big Data,the device is built at the ultimate walking companion to the visually impaired.

Vision Vijana Logo

Vision Vijana | Kenya

Business-in-a-box is a youth-driven initiative that provides vision testing and fitting of eyeglasses in Kenya. They also provide eye-testing and spectacle assembly kits, technical, business and soft skills to launch unemployed youth to vision testing and eyeglasses fitting services.

Syna Consultancy Logo

Syna Consultancy | Kenya

Founded by Sylvia Nyaga, the social enterprise provides access to clean water, basic toilets, and good hygienic practices leading to better health & socio-economic development. The company has developed the Utulav toilet which is a portable toilet commode designed to improve lives and eliminate the indignity suffered by the elderly, the sick, and the physically challenged.

Cohort 2: Mobile Assistive Tech

m-post Logo

Mpost | Kenya

A new technology enabling any mobile phone user to transform their phone number into a unique postal address in order to ensure cost effective physical delivery of mails and parcels. Due to rapid urbanisation and resources pressures, access to parcel delivery is a major challenge in Africa. Postal offices are centralised with existing infrastructure not build with accessibility in mind. The lack of physical addresses in most urban cities in Africa also make very difficult for customers to receive parcels. Through Mpost disabled people anywhere in Kenya with access to a mobile phone will be able to have parcels, including assistive technologies delivered to their doorstep.

Hali Halisi logo

Hali Halisi | Kenya

Founded by Silvia Muturi, the company has a marketplace that connects quality sign language interpreters to the deaf community through a registry-based matching system anytime anywhere. This improves access to quality interpreters and creates pricing transparency which addresses the current exploitation making scheduling easier.


KeNAAM | Kenya

Founded by Edward Mwangi, the company’s i-Sasa web-based platform uses USSD and SMS to channel information to persons with disabilities in accessible formats. Users can opt-in/out and disabled people organizations can share information and campaigns in an accessible format.

Lugha Ishara Logo

Lugha Ishara | Kenya

Founded by Nancy Maina, the company enables language development of Deaf children through early detection of deafness and providing age-appropriate interventions at home, school and in the community to enable their meaningful participation in all spheres of life.

Positive Exposure Kenya Logo

Positive Exposure I Kenya

Founded by Martha, the web and mobile platform dubbed ‘Albinism and I’ is a one-stop shop that seeks to inform, connect, and empower persons with Albinism with information as well as skin and eye care products through their e-store.

Cohort 3: Inclusive Employment

Riziki source logo

Riziki Source | Kenya

Founded by Fredrick Ouko, Riziki Source web and mobile platform facilitates access to job opportunities for skilled persons with disabilities. The social enterprise also advocates for workplace diversity and disability inclusion for companies, organizations and governments through training.

Village2nation | Kenya

Founded by Cindy Adem, Village2Nation’s accessible e-learning platform combines learning-on-demand with live classes for persons with hearing and visual impairments with courses leading to employment or digital self-employment. 

Erick Kiarie unsplash

ErrandsGuy | Kenya

Founded by George Gichuhi, Errands Guy eCommerce platform connects persons with disabilities who require assistance running errands to young skilled individuals offering the services at a fee.

On the Table Africa | Kenya

Founded by Gabriel Saka, on the Table Africa’s web recruitment platform matches persons with disabilities, skilled in design, engineering, product and market development to companies looking to employ across Africa. They also advocate for access to equal employment opportunities for Persons with Disabilities.

Signs TV | Kenya

Signs TV assistALL App allows anybody across the world to access on demand virtual sign language interpretation services to enhance inclusion & break communication barriers.The app can be downloaded on Play Store.

Cohort 4: Assistive Technology

Veezaviz Logo

Veezaviz | Kenya

Founded by Elly Savatia, Veezaviz’s platform leverages the power of machine learning to enable two-way communication among the deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people through an avatar sign language technology.

O Networking logo

One Networking | Nigeria

Founded by Omeh Nnamdi Nelson, the company provides safer mobility enhancements for the elderly and the visually impaired such as the Visually Impaired Electronic Walking Guide (VIEW Guide) among other assistive technologies.

The Accessibility Institute | Kenya

Co-founded by Ken Mwarandu and Isabella Oriani, the company designs, manufactures, and distributes affordable and high-performance wheelchairs, allowing persons with mobility impairment  gain autonomous mobility, access life opportunities, reach economic independence and become active members of their community.

Vinsighte | Nigeria

Founded by Oluwatomisin Kolawole, the company uses artificial intelligence to aid visually impaired students read printed text and navigate their environment independently by detecting colors, objects and their surroundings using audio feedback. Their products VISIS 1.0 glasses take pictures, convert it to text, and reads the text to the user while VIRI 1.0 detects obstacles, alerts the users, and keeps users safe.

Ace Mobility | Kenya

Founded by Daniel Kamau, the company provides safe, reliable, affordable, and inclusive transport services (taxi with ramps) through their taxi hailing app available on play store.

A man and a woman sit infront of a computer

Batian Eyewear | Kenya

Founded by Jackson Ndiangui, the company is an ecommerce startup helping digital workers combat eye-strain with affordable eyeglasses.

Cohort 5: Digital Tech

Learning Differently Limited logo

Learning Differently Limited | Kenya

Founded by Kaimuri Karauki, the company offers methods and tools that allow parents and teachers to identify and support children with specific Learning Disabilities and AD/HD in school and at home.

Accessible Travel Kenya logo

Accessible Travel | Kenya

Founded by Muthuri Kinyamu, Accessible travel’s  web platform offers an inventory of inclusive facilities providing interactions between PWDs and recreational facilities. They also provide accessible vehicles and wheelchairs for hire by individuals, hotels, and tour companies.

Uptyke Consulting Limited | Kenya

Founded by Lilian Mutegi, the company supports curriculum developers to translate educational content into digital accessible formats for use by students with hearing and visual impairment.

Kenya Christian School for the Deaf (KCSD) |Kenya

Founded by Charles Ngiela, KCSD alphabet puzzle board game introduces deaf children to Kenya sign language for lifelong learning. KCSD compliments the board with digital sign language delivered through an app.

Dasuns logo

DASUNS | Uganda

Founded by Ronald Kasule, DASUNS web and mobile platform vets and connects persons with disabilities to trained and experienced professional caregivers.

EZSpeech | USA

Co-founded by Firouza Eshonova and Adelina Samuels, EZSpeech’s web based platform uses AI to provide personalized and guided access to effective and affordable Virtual Speech Therapist.

DIS logo

Disability Innovations Suite | Kenya

Co-founded by Dr. Mbugua Mungai and Kenneth Gichohi, the company’s  digital platform, Kochi enables the customization of affordable and fit for use assistive technology. Their first product Pepesi wheelchair is easy to maneuver,less bulky, portable and easy to use.

Gallium Tech |Kenya

Co-founded by Esther Mueni and Mwaniki Ngatia, the company has built an AI-driven assistive tech device dubbed ‘Knock Knock’ that enables persons with hearing loss to know when the important sounds occur.

Cohort 6:

Cresnet VR | Kenya

Founded by Dennis Moogi ,the company uses virtual reality technology to offer differentiated and personalized learning experiences for learners with disabilities in learning institutions.


Seizure Assistant | Zambia

Founded by Bright M Bwalya,Seizure Assistant is an application that allows persons living with Epilepsy to call for help in a moment they are about to experience a seizure and allows them to better manage their condition through the various features that are tailored to handle Epilepsy holistically.

Deafop logo

Deaf Outreach Program | Kenya

Founded by Ann Gloria Njoki,DEAFOP offers an inclusive learning management system (LMS) for children with hearing impairment. The platform is a repository for accessible sign language educational curriculum content for primary and high school children. 

Braille Board | Kenya

Founded by Tito Masinde, the company is building an affordable and portable assistive technology which uses a system of actuators placed on the fingers to help the blind read braille  accurately.

Celo-Care Technologies | Tanzania

Founded by Joan Meddy, the company designs,fabricates,maintains and repairs manual and automated standing wheelchairs and hospital beds.  

Hypnagogic React | Kenya

Founded by Stephan and Chantelle Hattingh, their inclusive mobile application connects a smartwatch or other biometric devices to a smartphone to automate actions when one falls asleep or wakes up. Automatic outcomes include; the pausing of podcasts/audiobooks, readjusting central heating, and switching on and off smart home devices.

Advanced Prosthetics and Orthonics Care| Kenya

Founded by Peter Mwangi, the company designs,manufactures and fits 3D  prosthetics for all limb wearers  guaranteeing  size accuracy, affordability, comfort, and functionality.

Cohort 7: Mobility for children and the elderly

Jobility | Egypt


Founded by Hazem Salim, the company provides a recruitment portal dedicated to assisting persons with disabilities find meaningful employment opportunities. 


Dynalimb | Nigeria

Founded by Taiwo Akinsanya, the company uses additive manufacturing (3D Technology) to make affordable and quality prosthetics and sitting brace for individuals with disabilities and amputations.


Deaftronics | Botswana

Founded by Tendekayi Katsiga, the company developed the first rechargeable hearing aid battery, which lasts for 2-3 years and can be used in 80% of hearing aids on the market. The company has also developed a mobile application known as DREET, which allows for hearing screening assessments.


Cure Bionics | Tunisia

Founded by Mohamed Dhaouafi, the company creates and manufactures 3D printed, lightweight, personalized bionic arms for adults and children that are size-adjustable, and muscle-controlled.

Med Ezequiel | South Africa

Med Ezequiel is a South African company founded by Matshavha Pontsho that sells and distributes assistive devices to individuals and organizations via a physical and online platform.

Kijenzi | Kenya

Kijenzi is a Kenyan-based company founded by John Gersheson, the company manufactures  global quality Prosthetics and Orthotics devices locally, pioneering a distributed manufacturing network across Africa.

for clinicians and clinics.

Alivio |United Kingdom/ Kenya

Founded by Lucas Paes de Melo, the company manufactures low-cost lower limb prosthetics and solves the accessibility problem by providing services remotely at the patients’ convenience. Its social franchising network of mobile clinics makes this possible.

Rahma Assistive Devices (RAD) | Kenya

Rahma assistive devices (RAD), founded by Aza Mohamed is a Kenyan based company that provides a freewheel mobility chair to be used in Geriatric and Palliative care in order to increase the range of mobility of its users while preventing injury. FreeWheel ensures seamless lifting and transfers of the patient while enabling them to sit and stand unassisted

Therastats | South Africa

Co-founded by Kate Sherry and Maryke Bezuidenhout, the company’s web and mobile platform provides a data management system to get assistive technology & rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities in the rural areas.