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Totosci is a Kenyan company focused on Manufacturing assistive devices using technologies such as Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and assistive software developments.

One of our products-AlexCane is an assistive device that increases the mobility of people who are visually impaired. AlexCane detects both static and moving objects for visually impaired people reducing anxiety and increasing productivity, independence, mobility and life. There is also an option to provide real time location to the caregiver or to better aid the user. Alexcane reduces isolation in the society.

HopeTech Logo

Hope Tech Plus Limited

Hope Tech Plus Limited is an organisation focused on innovative solutions for visually impaired people. We believe a healthy society is one where everyone participates in everyday activities.

We provide hand-held mobility assistive devices that are geared towards providing a safe way for visually impaired people to move around, boosting their confidence to go wherever they want and freeing visually impaired people from dependence on another person as a guide for mobility.

YouTube: Testimonials.

LincCell Logo

Linccel Technology

Linccel Technology is a company based in Kenyan providing mobility solutions for persons with disabilities. We manufacture affordable, durable, and comfortable electric-powered wheelchairs from locally available materials. Some of our products are built from recycled materials (e-waste). Our wheelchairs are built and tested for in-door and outdoor use on rough terrain.

LinkedIn: Lincoln Wamae YouTube: BBC Feature

Vision Vijana Logo

Vision Vijana

Vision Vijana is a business-in-box youth-driven initiative that provides vision testing and fitting of eyeglasses in Kenya. 

We provide youth with the eye-testing and spectacle assembly kits, technical and business and soft skills required in the provision of vision testing and eyeglasses fitting services. 

LinkedIn: Ronald Mukanga Facebook: Vijana Reloaded

Syna Consultancy Logo

Syna Consultancy

Syna Consultancy is a social enterprise that is dedicated to providing dignified and sustainable sanitation solutions to the marginalized groups. These include people with special needs, people who are physically challenged, the sick and the aged. Our top priority is the achievement of access to safe, adequate, equitable and inclusive sanitation to all.

Our product, Utu Luv is a portable toilet that enables mobility-challenged, the sick and aged experience dignified toilet sanitation. Checkout our video: YouTube