Innovation Spotlight: Riziki Source, connecting people with disabilities to job opportunities.

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This blog is part of our weekly #InnovationSpotlight – exploring the stories of ventures within our GDI Hub Accelerate portfolio. Hereis a story of Riziki source, who completed our Kenyan Based Innovate Now Accelerator.

In today’s digital age, technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. From social media to online shopping, we rely on technology to make our lives easier and more efficient. However, for people with disabilities, technology can also play a crucial role in helping them to find and secure employment. One organization that is using technology to help people with disabilities find jobs is Riziki Source is a a mobile App that is being rolled out in Kenya and was supported to scale through AT2030’s Innovate now programme.

Riziki source available on google play.

Riziki Source was founded by Fred Ouko, who saw the barriers that people with disabilities face in finding employment. The organization’s goal is to provide job training and job placement assistance to people with disabilities, with a focus on the hospitality industry. They also support employers in creating inclusive and accessible workplaces and work with employees to ensure success in their roles.

One of Riziki Source‘s main goals is to break down the barriers that people with disabilities face in finding employment. The organization provides job training and job placement assistance to people with disabilities, with a focus on the hospitality industry. Riziki Source also provides support to employers to ensure that their workplaces are accessible and inclusive, and works with employees to ensure that they are successful in their roles.

One of the ways that Riziki Source is breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for people with disabilities is through mobile technology. The organization has developed a mobile app that helps people with disabilities find job opportunities in their local area. The app, called “Riziki”, allows users to create a profile, search for job opportunities, and apply for jobs directly from their mobile device.

Riziki source award of best mobile place for workplace inclusion

The app also provides users with information on employers that are committed to hiring people with disabilities, as well as information on accessible transportation options and other resources that can help them to secure employment.

Fred Ouko, the founder of Riziki Source, describes how the app is making a real difference in the lives of people with disabilities in Kenya. “It’s allowing them to find jobs they would have otherwise not been able to find,”

As part of the third cohort of GDI Hub’s Innovate Now accelerator program, Riziki Source had access to expert guidance to make their assistive technology product market fit, scalable, and investable. They participated in mentorship sessions with experienced entrepreneurs, product developers, and disability experts over a 3-6-month period. The most valuable part for the team was the labs session, which allowed them to understand, validate, and test their product and service with disabled individuals, receiving valuable feedback to improve their service.

Since completing the program, Riziki Source has won the award for the Best Mobile App for Workplace Inclusion. With this recognition, Riziki Source is on track to achieve its mission of bridging the gap for people with disabilities to gain employment in Kenya. They have created a comprehensive database of job seekers with different types of disabilities and genders, making it easy for users to register through their mobile app, text message, or website. Employers can connect with job seekers, understand their qualifications, and receive support in the interview and on-boarding process through Riziki Source.