Meet the team

Bernard Chiira Smiling at the camera

Bernard Chiira: Innovate Now Director

Bernard is a renowned leader in the innovation, assistivetechnology, and entrepreneurship for disability inclusion in Africa. He is passionate about being a success catalyst and bridge for Startup teams and venture founders using the power of technology and entrepreneurship to change the world.
He currently serves as the Director of Innovate NowAfrica’s 1st Assistive Technology Accelerator based in Nairobi and Kenya Country Representative - Global Disability Innovation Hub (CIC). A Startup innovation and development support professional, Bernard has worked across diverse technology and entrepreneurship development fields with partners and organisations across Africa, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. He is the Co-founder & 1st chairman of the Association of Startup and SME Enablers of Kenya (ASSEK), Co-founder of the Inclusive Innovation Network (+N) and Global innovation Catalyst Fellow. Bernard is a business and information technology degree graduate, mobile telecommunication, and innovation master post-graduate of Strathmore University respectively. A Stanford Centre for Professional Development certified course graduate on venture capital (VC Unlocked) and new venture development (GIC iX certified program instructor).

Enos Masinde

Enos Weswa: Mentor & Investor Network Coordinator

Enos is a creative entrepreneur, passionate mentor, and excellent trainer in marketing, innovation and lean startup. He currently serves as the Innovate Now Mentor and Investor Network Coordinator where he coordinates and manages the recruitment, selection, onboarding, and relationship building of mentors and investors. He is the founder of Reality Cheque, a venture building partner for start-ups. Publisher of Start-up Stretch-pad Workbook. Digital Business mentor and coach. He has over 11 years of coaching and mentoring founders of Digital and Creative start-ups, Investor-readiness coach at Pangea. Enos is a lecturer of Digital Marketing at Strathmore University, Sandbox and Design Thinking expert with Brink and a lead consultant for Edtech Hub. He is also a Mentor and Facilitator with the Godown Art Center for Creative Entrepreneurship. He has previously consulted for World Bank Group, Kenya Climate Innovation Center, British Council, UK-Kenya Tech Hub, British High Commission, Konza Technopolis, Tech Bridge, C4D lab, University of Nairobi. He is an alumnus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and The University of Salford and Strathmore university here he studied internet of Things and information Technology and MSC marketing.

Douglas Injugu

Douglas Injugu: Norway Network Lead Partnerships & Outreach

Douglas is passionate about steering the achievement of SDGs and Vision 2030. His love for people and tech started at the age of 15 when he participated in technology and innovation competitions in highschool & university. He currently serves as the Norway Network Lead - Partnerships and Outreach where he coordinates partnerships and outreach activities aimed at Investor network building and creating valuable innovations and community of practice collaborations between Norway and Innovate now. Prior to this role, Douglas served as Senior Advisor, Technology, and innovation for Innovation Norway where he supported Norwegian companies set up businesses in East Africa. He was instrumental in providing successful strategies on Innovation, social development and ICT4D. He is a key advisor in SDG’s areas within various international NGO’s & Corporates, encouraging a practice of new systems and efficienct methods of doing trade. He has run various programs in Technology for Development, Education for Development, Markets, E-Health, Fintech & ICT.He is also an advisor and pathfinder to the Ireland Trade and innovation entity, Enterprise Ireland. Identifying opportunities on partnerships, markets, collaborations, and technology in East Africa between local and Irish companies He is an alumnus of Stanford Center for professional Development and Harvard Business school where he studied Global Innovation Catalyst Program and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies. He is a certified public accountant from Strathmore University.

Joan Orina

Joan Orina: Accelerator Manager

Joan is passionate about inspiring, growing and impacting Africa through enterprise development and youth employability. She considers herself an intrapreneur and an entrepreneur. She enjoys working on ideas and seeing them become a reality - products or service that solve market problems, address underlying needs of customers, achieve commercialization and scale. She currently serves as the Innovate Now Accelerator Manager where she coordinates and manages the accelerator programme activities from recruitment, onboarding of ventures, Live Labs, venture building, events, community, and stakeholder relationships.

A passport photo of Henry Ochieng in a white shirt

Harry Ochieng: Investor Linkage Associate

Harry Ochieng is a seasoned professional with a rich background as the former founder of a fintech startup in Kenya. With an extensive portfolio spanning over eight years, Harry brings valuable expertise in venture capital, entrepreneurship, product management, software engineering, and startup mentorship and training. His proficiency lies in preparing startups for investor readiness, a skill honed through hands-on experience in guiding ventures through the intricate landscape of fundraising. Leveraging a diverse skill set, he excels in not only ensuring the strategic alignment of startups but also fostering crucial connections within a broad network of investors.