Innovate Now: Demo Day, Cohort 6 Share Their Products [Friday, 9th December]

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Poster invite to Innovate Now's Demo day.

Innovate Now, Africa’s first Assistive Technology Accelerator, is a partnership between Global Disability Innovation Hub (GDI Hub), ICT Norway and Norad to recruit the next generation of cutting-edge disability innovators to drive Africa as a technology powerhouse.

Demo Day for our 6th cohort of Assistive Tech (AT) ventures is an opportunity for founders to share their innovations, their journey, and how they plan to scale. For investors, this is a unique opportunity to hear more on return on investment, market opportunity, and why the AT sector is one to watch.

Taking place on Friday 9th August in Nairobi at 2:30pm 4:30pm East Africa Time (11: 30 am BST) the session will begin with keynotes followed by a presentation from each venture, with Qs & As.

We invite stakeholders, funders, investors, entrepreneurs and the disability innovation community to join this session and hear more from the Innovate Now team, the ventures and find out why and how these products are needed to fill a gap in the current Assistive Tech offering. 

The teams presenting will be:

Cresnet VR

Founded by Dennis Moogi and based in Kenya, Cresnet VR uses virtual learning technology to offer differentiated and personalized learning experiences for learners with disabilities in primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions.

Seizure Assistant

Bright M. Bwalya’s Seizure Assistant, based in Zambia, is a health management and experience sharing platform that educates about epilepsy while also allowing people with epilepsy to get help in times of need, alerting a loved one and those around them.

Deaf Outreach Program

Ann Gloria Njoki’s Deaf Outreach Program, based in Kenya, provides an inclusive learning platform for children (5-18) with hearing impairment via a learning management system (LMS). The platform will be a repository of developed sign language educational curriculum content for primary and high school children. This will be accessible online and offline through a mobile based application.

Braille Board

The Braille Board, founded by Tito Masinde and based in Kenya, is solving cost and accessibility issues for persons with visual impairments who cannot access books in braille because current solutions are either too expensive, error-prone, or bulkier. The venture is developing a portable system of actuators placed on the fingers to help the blind read braille affordably and accurately.

Celo-Care Technologies

Celo-Care Technologies, founded by Joan Meddy and based in Tanzania, designs and fabricates manual, automated, and standing wheelchairs, hospital wheel beds and also offers maintenance and repair services for the same. The company sells its products online.

Hypnagogic React

Hypnagogic React, founded by Stephan and Chantelle Hattingh and is based in South Africa. Hypnagogic React, a mobile application that connects your smartwatch and smartphone to automate actions when you fall asleep or wake up. The results are improved livelihood, mental wellness, and general well-being. Automatic outcomes include; the pausing of podcasts/audiobooks, readjusting central heating, and switching on and off smart home devices. The inclusive solution is especially useful to people who are paraplegic or quadriplegic, it allows them to operate with increased independence when limited or no help is available. This is a simplistic solution for a more convenient and fulfilling life.

Advanced Prosthetics

Advanced Prosthetics, founded by Peter Mwangi and based in Kenya, is solving the dilemma of uncomfortable prosthetic sockets for all limb wearers and the expense of setting up a prosthetic clinic with machines, equipment, and materials by introducing the use of 3D Print-Ability to our health care service provision.

Innovate Now was launched in 2019 as part of the £40 million, UK Aid funded, AT2030 program. Todays Innovate Now alongside ICT Norway and Norad is driving a new wave of momentum in the digital AT space.

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