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Veezaviz Logo


Veezaviz [formerly Sekani] (Kenya) is a social enterprise developing leading-edge technology-based solutions—including those leveraging the power of AI and Machine Learning—to address the accessibility and communication barrier for the Deaf.

O Networking logo

One Networking (Nigeria)

One Networking (Nigeria) provides safer mobility enhancements for the elderly and the visually impaired such as the Visually Impaired Electronic Walking Guide (VIEW Guide) among other assistive technologies.

Safari Seat

The Accessibility Institute Ltd (Kenya)

The Accessibility Institute Ltd (Kenya) makes the first truly off-road wheelchair to be designed and made in Kenya, not only providing mobility but also helping mobility impaired people to live full inclusive lives.

Vinsighte (Nigeria)

Vinsighte (Nigeria) is a digital health venture that makes use of technology to aid the visually impaired to live more comfortable lives.

Ace Mobility (Kenya)

Ace Mobility (Kenya) provides safe, reliable and affordable mobility solutions to the underserved persons like the disabled people, so as to improve their social and economic participation.

Batian (Kenya)

Batian (Kenya) is an e-commerce startup helping digital workers combat eye-strain with affordable eyeglasses.