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Mpost is a patented technology enabling any mobile phone user to transform their phone number into a unique postal address in order to ensure cost effective physical delivery of mails and parcels.

Due to rapid urbanisation and pressure on resources, access to postal services for delivery of parcels is a major challenge in Africa. Most postal offices are also centralised and serve particular zones set as early as pre-independence in most of Africa. The old infrastructure around postal offices was not build with accessibility in mind. The lack of proper physical addresses in most urban cities in Africa also make very difficult for customers to receive parcels. MPost, a patented mobile-based addressing system by Taz Technologies, serving more than 2000 customers in Kenya is testing last mile delivery for assistive technology. Disabled people anywhere in Kenya with access to a mobile phone will be able to have parcels, including assistive technologies delivered to their doorstep. Mpost is the co-founded by Abdul Aziz.

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Hear(oes) on Demand

HOD is a marketplace that connects interpreters with the community at any time, anywhere.”

As the world strives to be more inclusive, events, schools, television, training programs etc. are scrambling for few verified and certified sign language interpreters. Hearoes on Demand is a Kenyan startup building the Uber of sign-language interpreters. With all the features or rating and building a verified public resume of sign languages professionals, finding a verified and qualified sign language interpreter is soon going to be as easy as ordering and Uber! HOD is the brainchild of Silvia Muturi.



KeNAAM is developing the i-Sasa platform which is a SaaS web-based platform that uses USSD and SMS to channel information to people with disabilities in formats they understand. The User can opt-in/out to request the information, Disabled People Organization can share information with users as a campaign, and Caregivers can opt-in/out to request the information.

The Kenya NGO Alliance Against Malaria (KENAAM) is building and testing the use of mobile messaging to run marketing and awareness building campaigns around assistive technology products and services in Kenya. Coming from a very strong background of public health messaging to tackle malaria, KENAAM believes a text message-driven CRM solution can help disabled persons organisations and other clients reach disabled persons everywhere with targeted messaging around Assistive Technology products and services.

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Lugha Ishara

Lugha Ishara Company Limited (LI) is an education technology company that leverages technology for Deaf Inclusion.

Nancy Maina co-founded Lugha Ishara to give the gift of language and literacy to pre-school kids born deaf. ‘Lugha Ishara’ which is Sign language in Kiswahili is developing learning content in the form of animations and online classes for deaf pre-schoolers in Kenya. The content is consumed primarily on any mobile device or computer and is helping parents and guardians with no sign language knowledge learn together with their kids at home. Lugha Ishara is working with corporates and Gertrude’s Children Hospital in Kenya to support children and parents from poor backgrounds access Lugha Ishara learning content. The startup is gaining great popularity among hearing kids through the Lugha Ishara cool kids signing competition that encourages hearing adults and kids to learn sign language!

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Positive Exposure

The Albinism & I App seeks to inform, connect and empower Persons impacted by Albinism with factual information and access to eye and skin care need.

Persons with albinism and family around them in Africa go through various struggles such as lack of access to information about self-care and self-care products. Discrimination and stigma also sets them up for isolation and lack of a voice in society. Positive exposure Kenya is changing all that through the Albinism and I one-stop shop for information on albinism self-care, e-store for albinism skin and eye-care products as well as community of persons with albinism. Albinism and I is accessible through web and mobile. Positive Exposure Kenya is founded by Jane Waithera, a prolific albinism champion in Kenya.